Silent Warrior Hapkido Academy 

Silent Warrior Hapkido Academy



The Silent Warrior Hapkido Academy, located in Burlington, New Jersey, is a proud Charter Member of The International Combat Hapkido Federation. At Silent Warrior Hapkido Academy, we teach the entire Combat Hapkido Self Defense System in a patient and supportive manner. Our self defense training is conducted in a private to semi-private environment and the techniques you will learn have practical applications that do not take years to perfect.

Combat Hapkido, the Science of Self Defense,  is an extremely realistic and versatile discipline of self defense that includes an extensive variety of joint locks, kicks, strikes, take downs, pressure points, ground survival, disarming techniques and the use of selected weapons. The result is a comprehensive Self Defense System enjoyable to learn, safe to practice and most of all totally effective.

The Silent Warrior Hapkido Academy is proud to be in a partnership with New Jersey Combat Hapkido, Senior Instructor Greg Borland and Master Frank Huff.

Classes Are:

Tuesday:  7:00PM-8:30PM
Contact: 609-351-4505

Teaching "Hapkido with Attitude" since 2009 !

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